How Long Is the Wait for a Ford Bronco

Jun 26, 2023

How Long Is the Wait for a Ford Bronco

It seems like patience is the name of the game when wanting to secure an allocation for the new Ford Bronco, even after three years in production. So, how long is the wait for a Ford Bronco?

There are no right and wrong answers here as we can’t really narrow this question down to a specific and simple answer.

What we can do is say that, on average, people seem to be waiting between 6 months and two years to finally get their hands on the new Bronco.

Those that opted for limited options tend to wait longer while those who go for a simplified, “recommended” specification are going to see their Bronco models first.

What Affects Ford Bronco Waiting Times?

  • Supply & Demand
  • Regional Availability
  • Vehicle Configurations (Options List)
  • Supply Chain Issues

How Do Supply and Demand Affect Ford Bronco Waiting Times?

When the folks at Ford decided to give the good old Bronco nameplate a second life, they expected it to be quite popular but no one really expected it to be as popular as it actually is.

The demand for the Bronco has been continuously crushing the supply which is primarily why the wait times are as long as they are.

Ford does want to sell as many of these but Ford is limited when it comes to how many Ford Bronco models they can effectively make in a single time period.

Some say it’s a complete miscalculation on Ford’s part, other believe it’s all down to the next factors we are about to explain.

How Does Regional Availability Affect Ford Bronco Waiting Times?

Regional availability affects Ford Bronco waiting times in a few different ways, the most important ones are dealer capacity/allocations, production priorities, and distribution challenges.

Larger Ford dealers typically enjoy a larger number of allocations which also tend to be quicker off the production line.

Smaller Ford dealers with less clout aren’t as important which also means that small dealer customers also aren’t as important.

Production priorities do reflect that as some market regions simply are more important for Ford while distribution challenges also play a part as the logistics of buying a Bronco in the UK is much different than buying one in Michigan.

How Does the Options List Affect Ford Bronco Waiting Times?

In general, the more stuff you add to your Bronco, the bigger the chances that you will wait longer.

For example, a 4-door Badlands Bronco with a soft top is going to arrive much quicker compared to a fully kitted-out 4-door hardtop (quality issues) Bronco Wildtrak with the luxury package (microchip shortages).

It is also said that manual cars, soft top cars, and no-towing package cars are also quicker off the production line as the suppliers of these parts are simply quicker.

Being a bit more flexible does indeed pay out, so be sure to ask Ford about which options you can do without for a quicker turnaround time and simply hop to Everything Bronco Aftermarket where you can add or even improve upon everything you decided to skip.

Are Ford Bronco Delays Going to Ease Off Soon?

It’s difficult to say when this might happen but it is expected that these delays should ease off once the supply finally starts catching up with the demand.

Some are also saying that many Ford customers are fed up with long times and are turning toward the competition, if that is the case, this will also shorten the wait times for those who did stick around.

Either way, the wait times are bound to shorten once more and more Bronco models are on the road and many people are willing to opt for used examples instead.

How Can I Get A Ford Bronco Quickly?

Besides going with “recommended” specifications, the quickest way to secure a Ford Bronco is to either pay a large markup on the MSRP or buy a Bronco through the used market.

Some dealers do have available Ford Bronco models but are asking substantial premiums which is not something most people are willing to do.

However, if spending a bit more money isn’t too big of an issue for you, you are likely going to be able to find a Bronco quickly.