How Wide Is Bronco Sport?

Oct 20, 2023

How Wide Is Bronco Sport?

Navigating the world of the Ford Bronco Sport, one frequently asked question emerges: How wide is Bronco Sport? As enthusiasts and potential buyers alike seek clarity on the Bronco Sport width, this comprehensive guide dives deep into the specifics.

Providing a detailed analysis of the Bronco Sport dimensions, we aim to give you an accurate picture of its stature, ensuring you make informed decisions about parking, garage storage, or simply satisfying your curiosity. So, How Wide is Bronco Sport?

How Wide Is Bronco Sport?

The Ford Bronco Sport, the compact counterpart to the larger Ford Bronco, has a width of roughly 74.3 inches excluding mirrors and around 82.2 inches with its mirrors included.

Ford Bronco Sport Dimensions

Bronco Sport Dimensions
Length172.7 in.
Overall Width With Mirrors82.2 in.
Overall Width Without Wirrors74.3 in.
Height70.2 in.
Wheelbase105.1 in.
Ground Clearance7.8 in.
Maximum Cargo Capacity65.2 cu.ft.
Curb Weight3,467 lbs.
Maximum Towing Capacity2,000 lbs.
Maximum Payload1,170 lbs.

Is Ford Bronco Sport a Big SUV?

No, the Ford Bronco Sport is not a big SUV; it's a compact SUV. It was introduced as a smaller counterpart to the larger Ford Bronco and a more dailyable, more usable version of it.

While the regular Ford Bronco is designed with more rugged off-roading in mind and has a body-on-frame construction similar to traditional SUVs, the Bronco Sport offers a blend of daily driving comfort and some off-road capability.

In size and purpose, the Bronco Sport is more comparable to other compact SUVs on the market, whereas the standard Bronco is more robust and larger. As such, the Bronco Sport can be viewed as a compact, more dialed-down version of the normal Bronco, which in itself, isn’t overly big to begin with.

Is the Ford Bronco Sport Spacious?

The Ford Bronco Sport is designed to be versatile and practical for its compact SUV classification which means that it is designed to satisfy a wide range of SUV customers, not a specific type of buyer.

Inside, it offers a decent amount of space for both passengers and cargo, especially considering its smaller footprint. The vehicle's upright design and clever interior packaging contribute to a roomy feeling for occupants.

As such, the Bronco Sport can easily sit up to five moderately-sized adults with a decently spacious cargo area of around 32.5 cu.ft. with all the seats occupied by passengers.

However, when compared to the regular Ford Bronco, the Bronco Sport is inherently smaller. The standard Bronco, being a larger and more rugged SUV, provides more interior space and cargo capacity.

In essence, while the Bronco Sport is reasonably spacious for its segment and can accommodate the needs of many daily drivers and weekend adventurers, those seeking expansive interior room and more significant cargo solutions would likely lean towards the standard Ford Bronco.

Is the Ford Bronco Sport a Good Family SUV?

The Ford Bronco Sport is a viable option for families looking for a compact SUV that can do all the daily stuff such as grocery runs, school runs, and commuting.

It offers a blend of comfort, safety features, and modern amenities, making it suitable for daily commutes, errands, and occasional trips. Its upright design maximizes interior space, accommodating passengers and cargo effectively for its size.

Furthermore, its advanced safety technologies can provide parents with additional peace of mind. However, for larger families or those requiring more extensive cargo capacity, there are bigger SUVs in the market that might be more fitting.

In summary, the Bronco Sport can serve many family needs, but its compact nature might be limiting for some.