Lifted Bronco

Apr 24, 2023

Lifted Bronco

The Ford Bronco is an off-roader dream as it features impressive off-road features such as independently locking front and rear diffs, 4WD, knobbly tires, low range transfer case, a good amount of low-down torque, and plenty of software touches to elevate the experience and make it capable of traversing all kinds of terrain.

Be that as it may, there are always things you can do to make the Bronco ever more capable while also making it look the part. Going for a lift kit will increase your ground clearance, enable you to fit larger tires, and give you better all-road visibility, so, a lifted Bronco is a perfect Bronco..

Lifted Bronco: How Much Can I Lift My Bronco?

The most common Ford Bronco lift kit heights are:

  • 2-inch lift kits
  • 3-inch lift kits
  • 4-inch lift kits
  • 5 and 6-inch lift kits

A 2-inch lift kit should be sufficient to fit 35” inch tires while also being the cheapest of the bunch. A 2-inch lift kit will not impair your on-road comfort as much which means that the car is going to stay relatively level, especially compared to higher lift kits.

A 3-inch lift kit will enable you to fit 37” tires which is a much more serious off-roading kit. These require additional modifications, are more expensive than 2-inch kits, and do affect your on-road comfort more than a 2-inch kit.

A 4-inch lift kit and anything above is serious off-roading territory which means that these kits do cost a lot more money and do affect the car’s drivability at higher speeds the most.

These will require additional mods and are predominantly usable only if you are making a true off-road machine as opposed to something you plan on driving every day.

Lifted Bronco: Which Types Of Lift Kits can I Go For?

The most common Ford Bronco lift kit types are:

  • Body Lifts
  • Leveling Lifts
  • Suspension Lifts

The standard lift kit is the way to go if you want a lifted Bronco on a budget which means that it won’t alter your existing suspension setup. This type of lift kit typically uses spacers or blocks between the frame and the body to lift the body higher.

As such, you will get more ground clearance, but the overall off-roading prowess is going to remain more or less the same.

A suspension lift kit raises the entire vehicle, including the suspension and the body. This type of lift kit replaces the existing suspension components with taller ones, such as longer shocks and springs.

This does make a big difference in the off-roading realm andis usually the better choice if you want the best off-roading experience possible.

A leveling kit is designed to keep your front and rear axle at the right height and is typically used for SUVs that do lots of towing and hauling as this improves weight distribution, stance, looks, and aerodynamics.

All in all, a standard body lift is usually better for those who want the looks as this does not change the car’s on-road behavior a lot while suspension lift kits are the way to go for off-road maniacs.

Is a Lifted Bronco Worth It?

It depends on what you want to achieve from your Bronco. if you plan to use your Bronco as an off-roader and don’t care about the potential cons of driving a lifted car daily, a lifted Bronco is worth it.

On the other hand, if your Bronco is your daily driver and you predominantly just want the looks, it is worth it if you go for a rather simple 2-inch body lift kit that does not change the car’s on-road behavior too much.

No matter what you decide to do, hop on over to Everything Bronco Aftermarket where you will find the very best lifted Bronco kits money can buy.