Lifted Ford Bronco Sport

May 01, 2023

Lifted Ford Bronco Sport

The Ford Bronco Sport is the more chilled-down version of the two new Bronco models, but a lifted Ford Bronco Sport is a completely different beast. This means that you can take a rather normal and comfortable daily driver SUV and make it more purposeful by equipping it with a high-quality lift kit.

For the uninitiated owner, knowing what to go for and what you get is a bit of a mystery which is why we will help you both figure out which lift kit is best for you and source your new Ford Bronco Sport lift kit as well!

Lifted Ford Bronco Sport: How Much Can I Lift My 


The most common Ford Bronco Sport lift kit heights are:

  • 2-inch lift kits
  • 3-inch lift kits
  • 4-inch lift kits
  • 5 and 6-inch lift kits

You truly are spoiled for choice when it comes it comes to the number of height options you can go for, but the choice should be down to what you value more: looks and off-roading capabilities or comfort and stability on-road.

If it is the former, you should consider going for a 3-inch kit at the very least, but be vary that 3-inch, 4-inch, 5-inch, and 6-inch lift kits are more expensive, do hamper your on-road comfort, and aren’t as stable at higher speed cornering.

Moreover, your Bronco Sport will not be the perfect daily driver anymore, but it will make up for it once you hit the off-road trail.

On the other hand, going for a more sensible 2-inch lift kit will retain most of the car’s stability and comfort levels, but isn’t going to be nearly as effective off-road.

Lastly, if you want to go for 30”+ tires, you will have to go for a higher lift kit as a simple 2-inch is going to be too little of a lift to fit comfortably.

Lifted Bronco Sport: Which Types Of Lift Kits can I Go 


The most common Ford Bronco Sport lift kit types are:

  • Body Lifts
  • Leveling Lifts
  • Suspension Lifts

The choice between a simple body lift, a leveling lift, or a suspension lift kit is also down to what you want to achieve from your lifted Bronco Sport.

A body lift kit raises the car’s ground clearance but does not do anything to the suspension which means that it retains the car’s original system and thus does not affect comfort. Also, these are the cheapest ones of the bunch and don’t really require any extensive mods besides the kit itself.

A suspension lift kit does lift both your body and your suspension system which means that these will give you better off-roading capabilities no matter the system. Moreover, these are much more expensive and do affect the car’s comfort and stability levels, especially at higher speeds.

A leveling kit isn’t necessarily designed for off-roading as its main purpose is to level out the car and better distribute its weight across the front and rear axles.

Is a Lifted Ford Bronco Sport Worth It?

A lifted Ford Bronco Sport will have improved ground clearance, allowing it to tackle rough terrain more easily. It can enhance the vehicle's appearance and give it a more aggressive and rugged look.

There is somewhat of a cult of lifted Broncos out there already which means that a Bronco lift kit is one of the most popular mods you can do.

On the other hand, a lifted Ford Bronco Sport may have a rougher ride on paved roads due to the increased suspension height (if you go for a suspension lift). The modifications may void the vehicle's warranty, and any issues that arise may be more difficult to fix. It may be more expensive to purchase and maintain than a stock Ford Bronco Sport.

Ultimately, whether a lifted Ford Bronco Sport is worth it comes down to your individual needs and preferences.