What Is the Difference between Bronco Sport Base and Big Bend?

Oct 20, 2023

What Is the Difference between Bronco Sport Base and Big Bend?

The Ford Bronco Sport is designed as a more daily-able, more commuter SUV compared to its more brawn big Bronco SUV. Within the Ford Bronco Sport lineup, there are as many as seven different trim levels, all trying to cater to a specific type of buyer.

The base Ford Bronco Sport is the most affordable model designed for those who aren’t interested in spending money on optional equipment while the Bronco Sport Big Bend is the next step toward a better-equipped model. In this blog, we will tell you what is the difference between Bronco Sport Base and Big Bend, so be sure to stick around and find out!

What Is the Difference between Bronco Sport Base and Big Bend?

The Base Bronco Sport comes standard with the basics one would expect from a modern SUV while the Big Bend is a step up and includes additional amenities. Big Bend typically offers more convenience features like a leather-wrapped steering wheel, unique cloth seats, and additional storage solutions.

Moreover, the Big Bend might also have upgraded exterior elements, such as special wheels and additional exterior color options. Both versions maintain the rugged capability associated with the Bronco Sport name but the Big Bend is the slightly better-equipped variant.

What is the Best Ford Bronco Sport Trim Level?

It’s difficult to say which trim level of the Bronco Sport is best as all of these are intended to satisfy a specific market niche. If you want an off-roader, go for the Badlands, if you want a luxury Bronco Sport, go for the Outer Banks.

Also, if you want a touch of nostalgia backed with most features, the Bronco Heritage and Heritage Limited are the ones to get. Either way, now it’s time to tell you how all of these differ:

  • Base Bronco Sport
  • Bronco Sport Big Bend
  • Bronco Sport Outer Banks
  • Bronco Sport Badlands
  • Heritage Bronco Sport

Is the Base Bronco Sport the Best Trim?

The Ford Bronco Sport, with its 1.5L engine and an automatic transmission, represents the entry-level Bronco Sport variant which means that it’s the most affordable and does not get all the high-end equipment as in more expensive Bronco Sport models.

Standard Ford's Co-Pilot360 driver assists in enhancing safety, while the exterior design retains the distinct Bronco appeal. Inside, while minimalistic, the inclusion of modern conveniences like an 8.0-inch touchscreen with smartphone integration ensures you don't miss out on essential tech.

However, it lacks some of the luxury and advanced features found in higher trims.

Is the Bronco Sport Big Bend the Best Trim?

Compared to the Base Bronco Sport, the Bronco Sport Big Bend elevates the standard features with aesthetic enhancements, including a Carbonized Gray front grille and 17-inch wheels. The trim also emphasizes comfort with heated mirrors, additional sound deadening, a rubberized cargo floor, and single-zone automatic climate control.

Interior upgrades like unique cloth seats and silver-painted air vents add style, while tech improvements, including a rearview camera washer and SiriusXM compatibility, enhance the experience. The Big Bend offers a considerable upgrade over the base model and is the most affordable Bronco Sport that can be equipped with Ford Co-Pilot360 Assist+

Is Bronco Sport Outer Banks the Best Trim?

The Bronco Sport Outer Banks trim is designed for those prioritizing luxury and convenience over rugged off-roading. It boasts visual enhancements like LED lighting, unique 18-inch wheels, and a black-painted roof.

Inside, the leather-trimmed seats, advanced climate control, a heated steering wheel, and enhanced displays emphasize comfort. Additional conveniences like rain-sensing wipers, remote start, and rear parking sensors make it a top-tier choice for urban adventurers.

Is Bronco Sport Badlands the Best Trim?

The Bronco Sport Badlands is the pinnacle of off-road capability in the lineup, boasting a robust 245-hp engine, specialized AWD, and off-road suspension. Exclusive features like torque vectoring, advanced off-road modes, metal skidplates, and all-terrain tires set it apart.

Inside, it combines the best of Big Bend and Outer Banks trims, with premium upholstery, heated seats, and distinctive Badlands floormats. The Badlands Bronco Sport is the true off-road enthusiast's pick and the closest Bronco Sport to the big Bronco as far as sheer off-roading is concerned.

Is Bronco Sport Heritage the Best Trim?

The Bronco Sport Heritage trim is a true homage to Bronco's iconic past. It features a distinct Oxford White painted roof and Safari-Style design, paired with unique side decals boasting the classic Bronco script. Practicality meets style with its manual liftgate and flip-up rear glass, making access effortless.

The molded-in-color black door handles, configurable daytime running lamps, and the standout Heritage grille in Oxford White with bold red Bronco lettering encapsulate a blend of function and nostalgia. This trim is a nod to tradition while embracing modern convenience with pretty much everything as far as technology and interior amenities are concerned.