What Is The Difference Between The Badlands and Wildtrak Bronco?

Feb 21, 2023

What Is The Difference Between The Badlands and Wildtrak Bronco?

The new Ford Bronco range isn’t easy to understand as there are many variations, models, trim levels, special editions, and changes related to a specific model year of each. All of this can get pretty confusing, especially when trying to understand the differences between trim levels.

The Bronco Badlands and the Wildtrak Bronco are the two more popular trim levels of the regular off-road ready Bronco, but not many people are aware of the differences between these two. So, what is the difference between the Badlands and Wildtrak Bronco?

The main difference between the Ford Bronco Badlands and Wildtrak is the fact that the Badlands trim is associated with slow extreme off-roading with the Wildtrak Bronco is a bit more sporty with greater emphasis on high-speed off-roading

The other big difference is the fact that the Wildtrak gets the 2.7L engine (with an automatic box) as standard while the Badlands Bronco comes with the smaller 2.3L (with a manual box) as standard, but you can upgrade to the 2.7L with its auto box if you so desire.

The Wildtrak Bronco is $6,000 more expensive and comes with 35’’ tires and a dedicated Sport Mode while the Badlands is cheaper, and comes with 33” tires, and a dedicated Rock Crawl Mode.

Why Should I Go For The Bronco Badlands Over the Wildtrak?

If you prefer a manual gearbox over an automatic, the choice is rather clear as you can get the Badlands with a manual while the Wildtrak is available solely as an automatic.

Moreover, the Badlands Bronco is $6,000 cheaper compared to the Wildtrak which is a substantial amount that leaves you with a hefty pool of available aftermarket mods you can get from

Lastly, the Badlands is more capable when it comes to rock crawling which means that the entire slow off-road experience is a much better ordeal with the Badlands package.

Lastly, we also need to mention the fact that you can choose between two different engines and two different automatic transmissions which means that you can get the Badlands with either of these two engines while the Wildtrak only comes with the 2.7L which is indeed more powerful, but also thirstier and a bit more expensive to run.

Moreover, there have been quite a few reports about the 2.7L engine failing which is another reason why the 2.3L makes sense even though it is smaller and not as powerful.

Why Should I Go For The Bronco Wildtrak Over the Badlands?

If you want to go all out and get the top-trim Bronco, you will have to go for the Wildtrak. The biggest advantage the Wildtrak has over the Badlands is the inclusion of the Sasquatch package as standard.

This package includes 35” tires capable of 17” Beadlock wheels, front and rear locking diffs, a 4.7 final drive ratio, heavy-duty adjustable Bilstein shocks, and high clearance fender flares. Moreover, the Wildtrak looks comparably beefier which is also why many people prefer it over the Badlands.

Many veteran enthusiasts aren’t too fond of the large beadlock-capable tires which are also something to keep in mind when choosing between these two trim levels.

The Wildtrak Bronco is also a bit lighter which helps with high-speed off-roading, especially in places such as the desert where the Wildtrak Bronco is much better than the Badlands.

Advantages of the Badlands Bronco

  • Cheaper and more efficient
  • More room for mods
  • Better at slow off-roading
  • More comfortable for daily driving
  • A choice between two engines and two transmissions
  • A carbonized gray front grille
  • A dedicated rock crawl mode
  • A better value for non-offroaders

Advantages of the Wildtrak Bronco

  • A Sasquatch package is included
  • A more powerful engine with an automatic transmission is included
  • Better at high-speed off-roading
  • A dedicated sport mode
  • Larger wheels and tires with beadlock wheel capabilities
  • A black anodized front grille
  • Special graphics
  • Slightly lighter