What Is The Wait Time For A 2022 Ford Bronco?

Dec 05, 2022

What Is The Wait Time For A 2022 Ford Bronco?

The Ford Bronco has been in high demand since it came out, but the supply simply can’t keep up for various reasons. In this article, we will tell you what is the wait time for a 2022 Ford Bronco, and why it takes so long to get your hands on one.

If you want to put a deposit for a soft top 2.3L 4-door Bronco, you will have to wait 4-6 months from ordering it and about 4-6 weeks after the car entered production. Hardtop Bronco and V6 Bronco models take the longest, so be sure to cross your fingers to get one in less than a year.

Why Does It Take So Long To Get A Bronco?

  • Supply Chain Issues
  • Hardtop Roof Problems
  • High Demand
  • Covid-19

Supply Chain Issues

Since the new Bronco came out, Ford has been riddled with an abundance of parts shortages that eventually led to slow manufacturing and deliveries of virtually all contemporary Ford models. One of the main reasons is the global microchip shortage which even caused Ford to pile up half-finished Bronco models in the Ford Michigan assembly car park.

Hardtop Roof Problems

The hardtop version of the Bronco is delayed even further due to quality issues with the molded hardtop panel. Ford decided to first replace all the existing tops on delivered models and later take care of all the examples that are yet to come. It is said that the issue is minor and not too serious, but it will add additional time to Bronco deliveries.

High Demand

Ford did expect the Bronco to be famous, but hardly anyone expected it to be as popular as it truly is. Many media outlets named the new Bronco “the car of the year” even before it came out. When it did, it had a great market reception which inevitably pushed the demand for the Bronco through the roof. In Q3 of 2022 alone, Ford managed to shift more than 31,500 units.


When Covid hit hard, Ford was forced to close several factory facilities which brought the production lines to a complete halt. However, Ford did allow new customers to order Bronco models even throughout the lockdown. This meant that orders were starting to pile up while no new Bronco models were being assembled.

How To Get A Ford Bronco Quickly?

Ford recently came out and said that the quickest way to get a new Bronco is to buy a 4-door soft top model as these seem to be the least affected by supply shortages and aforementioned hardtop issues. Moreover, you can also go for a used model, but be aware that Ford Bronco used model prices are inflated at the moment.

These prices are likely to come down when the dust settles which will leave you with a gaping hole in your bank account. Thirdly, you can pay various market adjustment prices (Bronco Raptor in the picture)which can sometimes drastically increase the final price. Granted, this is likely to help you get your hands on the new Bronco almost immediately but is far from a logical investment.

Ford also said that the V6 Bronco is suffering additional parts delays while the smaller 2.3L engine is not. As the microchip shortage rages on, going for a lower-spec model could also push your build slot forward.

Moreover, steering away from Ford factory add-ons and accessories should help with delivery times, but don’t worry because you can get the best Bronco add-ons and accessories here.

How Long Does It Take To Get A New Bronco After It Enters Production?

A 4-6 week timeline is usually how long you have to wait after your Bronco officially enters production. This is mostly due to shipping delays which are also making a stir in the automotive industry. We also need to add that Ford needs to inspect the entire car for potential quality issues and ship it to the dealer.

Once the car arrives at a dealership, it goes through a so-called dealership pre-delivery inspection which consists of going around the entire car to make sure everything is in good order. The car will also have all of its fluids topped up properly and maybe even get cleaned before you can take delivery.