Where Are Ford Broncos Made

May 30, 2023

Where Are Ford Broncos Made

In the realm of legendary sport utility vehicles, few names evoke as much nostalgia and admiration as the Ford Bronco. With a rich heritage spanning decades, this iconic off-roader has forged a path synonymous with adventure and resilience.

Even though the new Bronco has been around for a better part of three years, not many people know where it comes from. So, where are Ford Broncos made?

Where Are Ford Broncos Made

The US Ford Bronco has always been manufactured at Ford’s Michigan Truck Assembly Plant located in Wayne, Michigan. This means that the 1965 to 1996 Bronco was also assembled here as Wayne, Michigan is the true home of the Ford Bronco.

The Bronco Sport is being manufactured in Ford’s Hermosillo Stamping and Assembly factory in Sonora, Mexico.

Is the Ford Bronco Coming to Europe?

In the summer of 2022, Ford officially came out and said that the new Bronco was finally going to reach the European market, but in strictly limited numbers.

Initially, everyone thought the demand for the new Bronco simply wasn’t there, but it seems like there are many people in Europe who would love to get their hands on the new Bronco.

It’s worth mentioning that Ford won’t be making any right-hand drive models which means that the UK won’t be getting a Ford Bronco. The reasoning behind this is that the expected profit from offering a right-hand drive Bronco wasn’t large enough to outweigh the development costs.

Is the Ford Bronco Coming to Australia?

Currently, there are no plans to bring the Ford Bronco to Australia, but Ford did say that they are open to the idea if the market demand reaches a satisfactory number.

Ford initially wasn’t planning to bring the Bronco to Europe either, but two years into the production of the Bronco, it seems like that is finally going to happen.

New Zealand also isn’t getting the new Bronco and the same goes for the rest of Oceania.

Is the Ford Bronco Coming to China?

The latest news development regarding the export of the Ford Bronco came about Auto Shanghai in April 2023 when Ford said that the new Bronco is going to be exported to the Chinese market.

This makes perfect sense as the Chinese market is experiencing a huge boom in foreign automotive demand which is why so many brands are slowly turning to China as one of the most profitable markets globally.The price of the new Bronco in China is going to be substantially higher because the production is set to remain in the US which is partly what pushes the final costs both for Europe and China.

What Does Ford Build at the Michigan Assembly Plant?

Currently, Ford makes the Bronco and the Ranger in Wayne, Michigan, but this plant used to manufacture a whole host of Ford models such as the Ford Fiesta, Ford Kuga, and the Ford Transit.

Ford did expect the demand for the Bronco to be very high, but no one really thought that demand is going to be as substantial as it actually is.

Therefore, the Wayne. Michigan plant is set to continue building the Bronco and the Ranger for a considerable future.

The reason why the new Bronco is being manufactured next to the Ranger is that they share the same chassis/underpinnings.

The largest Ford manufacturing plant is the Ford Kansas City Assembly Plant which stretches 4,700,000 square-foot or 1,270 acres.

It employs more than 7,000 people and is one of the largest industrial complexes in the entirety of the country. Ford’s River Rouge complex is also one of the largest as it measures over 900 acres