Differential Covers

A damaged differential can lead to expensive repairs. If you want to avoid such, you must consider getting a high-quality differential cover. At Everything Bronco Aftermarket, we offer a variety of differential covers for your ride. Apart from how great they look, they’re also easy to install and will stick with your Bronco’s differential and axle through thick and thin in the harshest terrains and weather conditions. Slowly browse through our selection and pick the best one for your ride.

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Differential covers are important, especially for people who drive on rough terrains. As you already know, they help to protect the differential from damage. They are made from different materials, but the ones you’ll get for your ride depends on the terrain you frequently drive on. While you shop, kindly consider the following.

Construction Materials

As mentioned earlier, many construction materials are used for making differential covers, including aluminum, nodular iron, and steel. Aluminum is lightweight and easy to customize with logos, but it isn’t a great material for off-road drivers. The nodular iron covers offer slightly more benefits than the aluminum covers, although they don’t dissipate heat as much as the aluminum covers. Also, they’re heavier compared to aluminum covers. 

The steel covers aren’t left out. There are stamped and welded steel covers, both of which are great, but you’re better off with the welded steel covers, especially if you’re an off-roader. Don’t forget the sturdy bolts for your differential covers. They’ll help hold the cover in place so you can drive peacefully. 


Make sure you replace the differential cover you’ve removed from your Bronco with the same cover. This will help ensure that your ride has ample oil flow to the differential gears and also maintain good oil cooling.


With the right tools, most people can install their differential covers. However, disposing of the oil is a major concern for many, so they often get professionals to do it at service centers and dealerships. The choice is yours to make.

Wrapping Up

Replace your OEM differential covers with these high-quality and sturdy covers. Shop now and save your Bronco from expensive repairs.