Ring and Pinions

A ring and pinion set is a critical part of your 4x4 drivetrain, and even though it's not commonly damaged when it does, it leads to huge repair bills. If you're looking for the perfect ring and pinion set for your ride, you're in the right place. At Everything Bronco Aftermarket, we offer these high-quality ring and pinion replacement sets for your vehicle. They're made from top-quality materials and precision engineered for a perfect fit. Order a Bronco ring and pinion today!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Ring and Pinion?

Purpose & Compatibility

What's your reason for changing the ring and pinion set? This is often determined by how you intend to drive. Rings and pinion sets are designed for street driving and occasional off-road use. Please choose the one for your Bronco model and ensure they match, including the gear style and rear end type. 

Also, replacing a ring and pinion set is a complex job that experienced mechanics should only attempt. If you're not confident in your skills, we recommend taking your Bronco to a qualified shop.

Differential & Carrier Break-In

Once the new ring and pinion set is installed, you must break in the differential and carrier properly. This is essential for proper function and longevity. The process involves slowly wearing down the gear teeth so they mesh perfectly. If you don't properly break in the new set, it will wear out prematurely and could cause damage to other parts of the drivetrain.

Wrapping Up

We hope this guide has been helpful. If you have any questions about picking a ring and pinion, please get in touch with us. Browse our collection of the best ring and pinions for the Ford Bronco.