Intake Accessories

A better-running engine is just a few modifications away, and the intake system is one modification you shouldn't overlook. From slightly improved gas mileage to increased HP, you'll see the benefits right off the bat. At Everything Bronco Aftermarket, we offer various premium-quality intake accessories to improve your Bronco's performance while fitting your budget. These accessories are made from the highest quality materials and include clamps, hoses, valves, intake manifolds, intake scoops, filter wraps, intake elbows, and vent tube inserts. Order your Ford Bronco Intake Accessories today!

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Installing a good intake system can help improve performance, optimize fuel economy and provide added power. While narrowing down your intake accessory choice, keep these factors in mind.

What accessories do you need?

Spacers and silencers: Intake spacers and silencers modify the way incoming air is routed into the combustion chamber, concentrating it in more useful patterns and providing better airflow throughout the system. The silencers help to manage sound levels and reduce harsh engine communication. 

Intake manifold and scoop: Intake manifolds direct the incoming air into the engine cylinders. The scoop helps to move a greater amount of air into the combustion chamber than normally possible. They also help to reduce heat caused by compression and increase overall engine power.

Vent tube inserts: Vent tube inserts add another layer of protection to your engine's intake system by preventing debris from entering. They also help to reduce air turbulence, which helps increase power and fuel efficiency.

Clamps: Clamps are used to secure the intake accessories and keep them tightly bound, so they don't become loose during operation.

Hoses: Hoses are often used as part of the intake system to connect various parts and provide a secure transition between them. They also route air from the filter box to the manifold.

Indicators: Indicators such as air/fuel ratio meters give you a better idea of the engine's performance and make it easier to diagnose any issues you may have.

Intake elbows: Intake elbows, also known as air horns, can help optimize airflow and provide additional power.

Filter wraps: Filter wraps help protect the air filter from dirt and debris, which can cause reduced performance.  

Proper Installation

It's important to make sure that your intake accessories are properly installed. To ensure the best performance and maximum benefits from these accessories, we recommend you consult a professional mechanic or installer before making any modifications.

Wrapping Up

We have the right Ford Bronco intake accessories for your SUV, so order yours today! With our great selection and an unbeatable warranty, there's no denying your Bronco will drive better when everything is in order.