Automotively-speaking, it’s the responsibility of the axles in your vehicle to transfer engine power to all the wheels. When any of the axle’s respective components break, you’ll be unable to move your car until you replace it. Thankfully, finding suitable axles is easy-peasy as we’ve got a large collection of these high-quality axles for the latest Ford Bronco Sport models. In essence, you’ll find front, rear, and stub axles for your vehicle on our shelves. Feel free to browse through our collection of these axles and order yours today.

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Sport Axles?

Axles are one of the unsung heroes of your car’s drivetrain, working day and night to provide a smooth ride by transferring power from the engine to the wheels. When your axles are in top-notch working condition, you’ll have a pleasant driving experience. As you look for the right axles for your Ford Bronco Sport, here are a few things you should consider.

Parts of The Drive And Rear Axle

Here are some parts that make up your vehicle's axles. 

Universal Joint: The universal joint connects two shafts at an angle. Without it, there won’t be proper power distribution from your engine to the wheels.

Axle Shafts: The wheels are connected to the axle shafts. When the engine power rotates the axle shafts, the wheels rotate. The faster the axle shaft rotates, the faster the wheels rotate also.

Gears: There are several gears in the axle, including the spider gear, drive pinion gear, and side gear. Each of these gears has its respective role to play. The gears help direct the driveshaft's rotation outward to the wheels.

Axle Shaft Housing: This encloses the axle shaft and other axle parts, including the differential fluid, which greases the axle and ensures it works smoothly.


We recommend you find a professional to help you fix and install any axle component if you don’t have sound automotive DIY experience. Make sure the parts you’ve purchased, or they’ll help you purchase are the proper parts for your Bronco Sport’s current year.

Wrapping Up

A damaged axle means a grounded vehicle - don’t ground your vehicle. Shop for any of these axles for the Ford Bronco Sport and get going again.