Differential Covers

Your differential is that part of the vehicle that helps to transfer power from the engine to the wheels. It's important to keep this part lubricated and protected, but it can be hard if you don’t have the right differential covers. You‘ll find the right differential covers for your Ford Bronco Sport here on Everything Bronco Aftermarket. These covers are designed to protect and lubricate your differential so that you can rest and enjoy a good driving experience. Cover that differential now!

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Differential covers are essential to your Ford Bronco Sport’s drivetrain. Designed to contain lubricants and cover differential components, they protect against rock and debris damage. Keep the following points in mind as you shop for a suitable cover.

Construction Materials

Differential covers come in various materials and typically use high-strength steel or aluminum, which can help extend the life of your vehicle’s drivetrain components. If you intend to do a lot of off-road driving, you should get wrought iron or steel covers, as they'll withstand the rigors of the trails. Steel covers can be stamped or welded - we think the welded covers are better than the stamped ones. 

Shape & Installation

Take note of the shape of the differential cover you’re about to purchase. Ensure it’s the same shape, if not similar, to the shape of the cover you’re replacing it with. Properly shaped covers will allow for smooth oil flow into the differential gears and keep them turning smoothly.

Find a professional to help you install the differential cover on your vehicle. Be careful about how you dispose of the oil so you’ll not contaminate your environment. And ensure that you’re using the recommended differential oil when flushing out the existing oil.

Wrapping Up

Give your differential the maximum protection it deserves when you install any of these differential covers from the best brands. Shop now!