Ring and Pinions

The ring and pinion are two inseparable components that help your drivetrain provide the wheels with the necessary torque. With the right gear ratio on your ring and pinion, you'll have greater control of your driving experience. At Everything Bronco Aftermarket, we offer high-quality rings and pinions made from the best materials and designed to give you an unparalleled driving experience both off-roading and cruising in town. Don't wait any longer - get a replacement ring and pinion for your Ford Bronco sport.

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Sport Ring and Pinion?

As a Ford Bronco owner, you know just how important your rig's ring and pinion gear setup is to ensure a smooth drive across all terrain. Getting this piece of the drivetrain installed correctly before hitting the road is crucial if you want a safe and enjoyable off-roading experience. Remember the following as you shop for a replacement ring and pinion.

Compatibility & Installation

It would help if you first considered the compatibility of the ring and pinion you're purchasing with your Bronco Sport model. If it matches, you're safe; otherwise, you should look for the correct replacement. Ensure that you're also buying one designed for your intended use. For instance, if you intend to do a lot of off-road driving, you should get a ring and pinion tailored to it. Regarding installation, you should hire a professional to help you and install it if you cannot do it or don't have the right tools. Ideally, we'd recommend hiring someone.

Do Proper Break-Ins

Remember the break-in process for the ring and pinion. This break-in involves the slow and systematic alignment of the ring and pinion by driving the car at normal driving speeds in the city for about half an hour. The break-in ensures that your ring and pinion will not wear out prematurely and, in turn, cause damage to other parts.

Wrapping Up

Shop for the right ring and pinion for your Ford Bronco models here at Everything Bronco Aftermarket.