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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Sport Shifters?

Shifter Type

When talking about the shifter type, we first need to make a clear distinction between automatic and manual Ford Bronco Sport shifters.

However, there are still a few options you can choose from, and the most popular ones are short throw shifters, sequential shifters, performance shifters, and weighted shifters.

Short-throw Ford Bronco Sport shifters are designed to reduce the distance and effort required to shift gears, resulting in quicker and more precise shifting. 

Weighted shifters, on the other hand, add extra weight to the shift knob or assembly, providing a smoother, more mechanical, and more substantial feel during gear changes. 

Performance shifters optimize shifting speed and accuracy through advanced mechanisms such as adjustable stops or improved linkage to get the very best shift times possible.

For a racing-inspired experience, sequential shifters allow for sequential gear shifting without the need for complex clutch work as all you do is slam the gear, but sequential shifters are borderline unusable on the public road.

Ergonomics and Comfort

The ergonomics of the shifter are really important, especially if you own a manual Ford Bronco Sport because you need to make sure that your hand can comfortably use the shifter without fatigue.

Factors such as knob shape, size, and grip are key considerations. The shape of the knob should fit comfortably in your hand, allowing for a natural grip. 

Look for shifters that offer a shape that aligns with the contours of your hand, promoting a more relaxed and controlled shifting motion. 

Additionally, the size of the knob should be suitable for your hand size, ensuring easy reach and manipulation without straining your fingers. 

The grip is another important aspect to evaluate. A shifter with a textured or rubberized grip can offer enhanced control, even in challenging driving conditions. 

It helps prevent slipping or losing your grip during quick shifts, providing confidence and stability while operating your Ford Bronco Sport.

Customization and Style

The gear shifter is located between the two front seats, right in the very central position which makes it rather prominent and always on display.

Therefore, by customizing the shifter, you can change the look of your entire center console while also making your Ford Bronco Sport unique.

Aftermarket gear knobs and accessories are usually the way to go for most people because these allow you to pick and choose materials (aluminum, leather, wood, carbon…) that suit your style perfectly. 

You can also customize the paddle shifters if your Bronco Sport has them to make the entire interior of the vehicle more focused and right up your street when it comes to looks.