Are you looking to take your off-roading experience to the next level and experience what the Bronco Sport can really do? 

If so, you should upgrade your Ford Bronco Sport suspension with our selection of high-quality Ford Bronco Sport Bushings at Everything Bronco Aftermarket!

We offer polyurethane and rubber bushings, including front and rear control arm bushings, leaf spring bushings, body mount bushings, and sway bar bushings for the Bronco Sport Outer Banks, Badlands, Heritage, and other Bronco Sport models. 

Whether you need replacement bushings for your Bronco Sport or want to upgrade your suspension with the best aftermarket bushings, we have the selection you need to get the job done. Order yours today and see the results firsthand!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Sport Bushings?

Types of Bushings


The Ford Bronco Sport, as is the case with other SUVs, relies on various types of bushings to enhance its suspension system's performance, but these are indeed different.


Control arm bushings act as cushions between the control arms and the frame or suspension components, isolating vibrations, adding comfort, and providing stability during cornering. 


Sway bar bushings, located in the sway bar or stabilizer bar, minimize body roll during cornering and maintain optimal suspension geometry which makes for great on-road manners.


Leaf spring bushings in the rear suspension absorb road shocks, ensuring a smoother ride and proper alignment of the leaf springs while shock absorber bushings secure the connection between suspension components and the vehicle's frame, offering a comfy and secure link.


Subframe bushings isolate vibrations and reduce noise by fitting between the subframe and the vehicle's frame, contributing to stability and ride quality. 


Your job is to pick and choose which one of these is more important to you depending on what kind of a build you want to achieve.

Off-Road vs Performance Builds


For off-roading with your Ford Bronco Sport, control arm bushings provide stability and isolate vibrations. 


In contrast, sway bar bushings reduce body roll and tighten-up suspension geometry for enhanced stability on uneven terrain.


Lastly, leaf spring bushings absorb road shocks, delivering a smoother ride during off-road adventures. 


On the other hand, for on-road performance, control arm bushings offer stability during high-speed cornering and sway bar bushings minimize body roll, making the vehicle handle much better.

Shock absorber bushings ensure a secure and cushioned connection between suspension components and the frame, further making the Bronco more poised on the road.

Build Materials and Durability

Most Ford Bronco Sport bushings are made out of either rubber or polyurethane as these two materials are easy to come by, aren’t too expensive, and are able to do the trick.

Some higher-end bushings are made out of metal or even Delrin, a thermoplastic material used in high-performance race application bushings.

Rubber is what you get from the factory while poly is a significant upgrade as it is able to withstand wear and tear much better, especially in adverse weather conditions.

Make sure to go for trusty brand names with a great track record of durability and reliability as these bushings are essential components of the Ford Bronco Sport suspension system.