Coil Springs

Welcome to our Ford Bronco Sport Coil Springs category where you can find the very best selection of Bronco Sport coil springs designed for the Badlands, Outer Banks, Heritage, and other Bronco Sport models!

Experience enhanced handling, superior ride quality, and increased load capacity with our durable and heavy-duty coil springs made out of aluminum, steel, and polyurethane!

Each coil spring is meticulously crafted with a precision-engineered coil, wires, ends, and pigtails to ensure a perfect fit and reliable performance for both lifted Bronco Sport and non-lifted builds!

Explore our range of off-road coil spring kits today and discover the ultimate all-terrain muscle for your Ford Bronco Sport!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Sport Coil Springs?

Lift or No Lift?

If you're planning to lift your Ford Bronco Sport for off-road adventures, styling, or increased ground clearance, choosing the right coil springs quickly becomes a necessity.

Optimal suspension geometry is key to maintaining stability and performance with a lifted vehicle so be sure to pay extra attention to amber, caster, and toe angles.

You should also look for options designed for your desired lift height to ensure they offer the appropriate lift range while keeping suspension components properly aligned

All of this will allow for better articulation, improved traction, and controlled handling on uneven terrain.

It also helps reduce stress on drivetrain components and enhances overall stability, all of which will make your Ford Bronco Sport perform better while lasting longer.

Load Capacity 

Ford Bronco Sport coil springs with a higher load capacity are designed to handle the added weight of heavy loads because they provide the necessary support to prevent sagging and maintain proper ride height.

Since the Bronco (stock) weighs between 3,400 and 3,700 pounds, make sure to go for a coil spring load capacity that greatly exceeds these limits in order to futureproof your setup.

This is also important if you want to add more mods and accessories in the future, all of which will undoubtedly add weight.

Lastly, a proper coil spring load capacity will also allow you to enjoy a more consistently comfortable driving experience with enough stiffness to not unsettle your Bronco Sport when going over potholes or other road undulations at higher speeds.

Low Spring Rate vs High Spring Rate

The spring rate refers to the amount of force needed to fully compress the spring by a certain distance which can cause damage to your suspension system.

Coil springs have different spring rates that affect your vehicle's suspension in different ways, and the most popular “groups” are low-spring coils and high-spring coils.

A low spring rate offers a comfortable ride but may cause more body roll which is why it isn’t the best for higher-speed off-roading or overall high-speed cornering.

A high spring rate provides better handling and can handle heavier loads but can often feel stiffer at lower speeds.

Build Materials and Durability 

Steel is the most common material used in Ford Bronco Sport coil springs because it's easy to come by while also being very durable.

Aluminum is very similar, but more expensive and lighter while billet is by far the most durable, but also by far the most expensive.

Polyurethane coils are also a thing with some people as they are very controlled and gradual but aren’t a thing for heavy-duty off-road use.

Either way, be sure to pay attention to corrosion resistance, quality manufacturing, reinforced designs, fatigue resistance, and proper heat treatment.