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Welcome to our Ford Bronco Sport Control Arms category where proud owners of the Bronco Sport, including the Outer Banks, Heritage, or Badlands Bronco Sport can find the very best Ford Bronco Sport control arms and accessories the current market has to offer!

We offer a comprehensive range of front and rear control arms, including upper and lower variants, to cater to all of your needs!

Our selection also includes adjustable control arms for fine-tuning your suspension geometry, off-road control arms built to withstand the harshest terrains, and heavy-duty control arms designed to handle increased load capacities. 

Explore our wide variety of performance control arm options, control arm replacements, and control arm upgrade kits. With Everything Bronco Aftermarket, you can achieve the highest levels of suspension performance for your Bronco Sport. Order yours today and level up!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Ford Bronco Sport Control Arms?

Control Arm Kits vs Separate Front and Back Control Arms

When buying Ford Bronco Sport control arms, you can either choose to go with a complete set kit that includes both the front and the rear control arms or you can go for separate sets depending on what you want to achieve.

An average set includes everything you need such as the control arms, the bushings, and the joints which make installation very easy while the buying process is time-efficient and often cheaper.

Separate front and back control arm sets are a different story in a few ways, most notably price, adjustability, and time.

Buying separate sets that are compatible requires you to investigate beforehand which isn’t something an uninitiated person can always do.

Even though you can adjust your setup more precisely and alter only your front or rear suspension, it is going to cost you more money if you go for both the front and the rear.

Adjustability and Control Arm Types

Adjustable Ford Bronco Sport control arms offer the ability to fine-tune and adjust various suspension parameters because they feature adjustable ball joints, bushings, or linkages that allow you to modify camber, caster, and toe angles. 

Adjustability provides the flexibility to optimize your suspension setup based on your specific needs, whether it's for improved handling, off-road performance, or precise alignment.

Fixed control arms are designed for reliability and don’t allow for any adjustments which can be a bad thing if you want to achieve a more personalized driving experience.

On the other hand, you are going to save some money with fixed control arms as these aren’t nearly as expensive.

Bushings and Ball Joints

Whatever you do, you can not forget about bushings and ball joins as these are integral parts of your control arm system.

Adequate bushings or ball joints effectively absorb vibrations, reduce noise, and resist wear and tear, ensuring that you experience a smooth and long-lasting operation. 

Thus, while in the market for new control arms, you should prioritize those with dependable bushings and ball joints. 

Don't settle for subpar control arms that lack reliable bushings and ball joints and don’t go for subpar bushings and ball joints with superior control arms as these three Ford Bronco Sport suspension components all need to be of fairly high quality.

Build Materials and Durability

Steel and aluminum are the two most popular control arm build materials as they are both rather durable and easy to come by.

Steel arms can corrode if not properly treated while aluminum arms aren’t usually as durable as steel arms.

Either way, you should always focus on control arms with adequate bracing, reinforced construction, quality manufacturing, and corrosion resistance.