Steering Reinforcement

Ford Bronco Sport Steering Reinforcement

When modifying your Ford Bronco Sport, you are likely going to go for bigger tires and wheels as these are some of the most popular mods most Bronco owners do. If you go for an extensive off-roading setup, you are also going to invest in lift kits, heavy-duty components, and all sorts of accessories that are going to add weight on top of your Bronco.

Large tires, wheels, and extensive other mods are going to make your existing steering setup struggle to keep up. We at Everything Bronco Aftermarket are aware of that which is why we offer the very best Ford Bronco Sport steering reinforcement mods money can buy. Order Yours Today!

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Which Ford Bronco Sport Steering Reinforcement Mods Exist?

Heavy-Duty Steering Box Braces

A steering box brace is a bracket that is installed between the steering box and the vehicle's frame to reinforce the steering box and prevent it from flexing or bending under heavy loads or during off-road driving. This is one of the more popular steering reinforcement mods as it is fairly dependable and not expensive to do.

Heavy-Duty Tie Rods 

Heavy-duty tie rods are thicker and stronger than stock tie rods and can withstand more stress and strain. These are perfect for off-road vehicles that require more robust steering components, especially in situations such as rock crawling or high-speed obstacle driving where the steering is known to suffer.

Heavy-Duty Ball Joints

Girthy ball joints are designed to withstand more stress and strain than stock ball joints. These will benefit your off-roading because of two different reasons. First of all, your steering system is going to be more durable, but second of all, the suspension articulation is going to be increased which means that your suspension range of motion is also going to improve.

Heavy-Duty Pitman Arms

Beefed-up Pitman arms are stronger and are designed to withstand heavy loads and impacts. These will work great with upgraded steering arms, ball joints, and tie rods because they all improve durability while also increasing your suspension travel.

Are Steering System Reinforcement Mods Worth it?

Ultimately, the decision to invest in steering system reinforcement mods will depend on the individual's needs and preferences. If done correctly, these are indeed worth it as they are going to make sure your steering system is able to cope with everything an extreme off-road trail throws at it.