Can I Fit 33 Inch Tires on a 2021 Ford Bronco Outer Banks?

Oct 23, 2023

Can I Fit 33 Inch Tires on a 2021 Ford Bronco Outer Banks?

The Ford Bronco is an off-road SUV through and through which means that it was designed and built to tackle extremely challenging terrain, but some Bronco models are better than this than others. This is why Ford has as many as seven different trim levels, one of which is the Ford Bronco Outer Banks.

From the factory, the Bronco Outer Banks is outfitted with 32-inch tires, but can I fit 33-inch tires on a 2021 Bronco Outer Banks?

Can I Fit 33 Inch Tires on a 2021 Ford Bronco Outer Banks?

The 2021 Ford Bronco Outer Banks is available with the Sasquatch package which comfortably fits tires up to 35 inches in diameter.

This means that if you're eyeing 33-inch tires for your Bronco Outer Banks, they'll slip right in, even without the Sasquatch package or additional lifts.

Given the generous clearance and thoughtful design of the Bronco Outer Banks, the 33-inch tire should sit very nicely without the worry of any rubbing.

However, if you want to extract as much performance as you can from a set of larger tires, it would be a good idea to upgrade your suspension system as well.

Best Tire Size Options for the Ford Bronco Outer Banks

  • 255/70R18 (Standard Size)
  • 275/70R18
  • 33-inch Tires (e.g., 285/70R17)
  • 35-inch Tires (often seen with Sasquatch package)

Are 255/70R18 Best Tires Size for Ford Bronco Outer Banks?

The 255/70R18 tire size for the Ford Bronco Outer Banks strikes a harmonious balance between on-road comfort and off-road capability which is exactly why these tires are standard on the Outer Banks trim.

This size ensures accurate speedometer readings and optimized fuel efficiency. However, while it provides commendable ground clearance suitable for daily driving and occasional off-road adventures, it may not be the top choice for enthusiasts seeking more aggressive off-road experiences or a more imposing stance.

Are 275/70R18 Best Tires Size for Ford Bronco Outer Banks?

The 275/70R18 tire size for the Ford Bronco Outer Banks offers a slight edge in terms of traction and ground clearance compared to the standard 255/70R18 size since these are wider in comparison.

These might lend a more aggressive look and feel to the vehicle while also making your Outer Banks more capable off-road, but not in snow, mud, or slush. On the other hand, this choice might slightly influence the vehicle's fuel efficiency and speedometer accuracy while also increasing its turn radius.

33-Inch vs 35-Inch Tires for a Ford Bronco Outer Banks

33-inch tires for the Ford Bronco Outer Banks offer a blend of off-road capability and everyday driveability, increasing ground clearance without major modifications as the Outer Banks gets 32-inch tires as standard.

In contrast, 35-inch tires provide maximal off-road prowess and a dominating appearance, ideal for avid off-roaders. However, they might require additional modifications for a perfect fit and could impact fuel efficiency more than the 33-inch option.

Both sizes enhance the Bronco's rugged character, but the best choice hinges on one's driving priorities and aesthetic preferences.

Ford Bronco Factory Tire Sizes

As mentioned in the intro, the Ford Bronco offers up to seven different trim levels, all of which are intended to shine in slightly different environments. Tire sizes play a huge role in differentiating these trim levels, so be sure to check these out!

  • Base: 255/70R16
  • Big Bend: 255/75R17
  • Black Diamond: 265/70R17
  • Outer Banks: 255/70R18
  • Badlands: 285/70R17 (33-inch)
  • Wildtrak: 315/70R17 (approximately 35-inch, commonly known as the Sasquatch package size)
  • First Edition: 315/70R17 (approximately 35-inch, also known as the Sasquatch package size)
  • Sasquatch Package: 315/70R17 an optional upgrade for various trims, (approximately 35-inch).