How Big Are the Base Bronco Tires?

Oct 29, 2023

How Big Are the Base Bronco Tires?

The Ford Bronco is designed to go where very few other SUVs can. Even with a high ground clearance, off-road suspension, and decent power, the tires are the unsung heroes that grip, tread, and adapt, ensuring stability, control, and performance on all surfaces.

As we dive into understanding the size of the base Bronco tires, it's crucial to appreciate the role they play in maintaining the Bronco's legendary off-road prowess. Whether it's mud, sand, rocks, or snow, the right tire size can make all the difference. So, how big are the base Bronco Tires?

How Big Are the Base Bronco Tires?

The base Ford Bronco comes equipped with 30-inch tires from the factory. These tires are designed to provide a balance of on-road comfort and off-road capability, allowing the Bronco to handle a variety of terrains with ease.

Bronco Tire Sizes

As already stated, the Base model comes with 30-inch tires which also are the smallest tires you can get from the new Bronco.

The Big Bend, Black Diamond, and Outer Banks trims are equipped with 32-inch tires as these represent a step up compared to the Base Bronco but still aren’t at the top when it comes to both off-roading capabilities and trim level positioning.

The Badlands trim sports a set of 33-inch rubber, while the high-end Wildtrak and First Edition models boast 35-inch tires. These sizes ensure each Bronco variant is ready to tackle any adventure with confidence.

Which Bronco Comes with 37 Inch Tires?

At the top of the Ford Bronco food chain stands the aggressive Ford Bronco Raptor, the very top end of the Bronco family, an SUV designed to extract even more performance from its driver, no matter if it’s about off-roading or high-speed driving.

With that in mind, you shouldn’t be surprised to find out that the Ford Bronco Raptor comes with 37-inch tires. These allow it to traverse extremely difficult terrain while also making the Raptor look even more aggressive and purposeful than the Badlands, the Wildtrak, or any other Bronco.

How to Lift a Bronco?

For most Ford Bronco owners, a lift kit is somewhat of a necessity which means that lifting a Bronco is one of the most popular mods one can do to a Bronco.

Before going into details, it's crucial to choose your primary goal: do you want a suspension lift, that offers more ground clearance or a cosmetic body lift that elevates the body but not the frame or suspension?

Once decided, invest in a top-quality lift kit tailored to your Bronco's specific model and year, ensuring it includes essential components like spacers, brackets, and shocks. When undertaking the lift, safety is paramount: always work with the vehicle on jack stands, never relying solely on a jack.

After replacing the stock suspension components or inserting body spacers, a professional wheel alignment is vital. Although many enthusiasts opt for a DIY approach, it’s much better to consult a professional if you don’t have the necessary experience.

Either way, click here if you want to browse through our shop for the very best Ford Bronco lift kits!

Is a Bronco Lift Kit Worth It?

It depends on who you are asking and what your goals are. Indeed, a lift kit can help make your Ford Bronco a much more capable off-road machine, but it can also create a whole suite of problems.

For regular on-road driving, lift kits can diminish your high-speed stability and create a lot more road noise, especially if the lift kit is high and is complemented by larger tires. A lift kit typically gives you better approach and departure angles while also better protecting your underside.

On the other hand, a lift kit may void your warranty, it may cause your Bronco to use more fuel, and it can cause additional strain to some parts of your drivetrain and powertrain.