How Can I Make My Bronco Faster?

Jul 25, 2023

How Can I Make My Bronco Faster?

The Ford Bronco is an off-road SUV throughout. This means that it prioritizes stuff such as excellent ground clearance, heavy-duty suspension, locking differentials, electronic terrain management systems, specialized off-road modes, beefy tires, etc

It also inherently means that it isn’t going to be the most dynamic and quickest of vehicles as all of these add weight and increase overall rolling resistance. If you’ve ever wondered about how to make your Bronco faster, you’ve come to the right place as the topic of today’s blog is: How Can I Make My Broco Faster?

How Can I Make My Broco Faster?

If you want to make your Bronco faster, there are a few routes you should/can take. The best thing to do would be to modify its powertrain for better performance, its suspension for better handling, install performance tires, and take it on a diet.

Boosting Bronco Performance: How to Make Your Bronco Faster

  • Powertrain: air intakes, ECU tunes, exhaust, turbos…
  • Performance Suspension: adjustable coilovers, performance shocks…
  • Weight Reduction: lighter wheels, less sound dampening, fewer body panels…
  • Performance Tires: better traction, wider tires, stronger brakes…What are the Best Powertrain Modifications to Make My Ford Bronco Faster?

Begin by exploring performance tuning or engine management systems, which optimize parameters for enhanced horsepower and torque. Additionally, a cold air intake system can be installed to enhance airflow, resulting in improved combustion efficiency and increased power output of your Ford Bronco.

Another option is to upgrade the exhaust system with a high-performance aftermarket variant, which reduces back pressure and amplifies horsepower while producing a more aggressive sound.

For significant power gains, turbocharger kits are viable choices, as they compress intake air to boost overall performance while high-flow fuel injectors and a performance camshaft can further optimize engine performance.

Enhancements to the ignition system utilizing high-performance components ensure efficient combustion. Lastly, transmission and differential gear upgrades such as adjusting the ratios are a great way of improving acceleration times.

What Are the Best Suspension Modifications to Make My Ford Bronco Faster?

The best Ford Bronco suspension mods to make it faster are high-performance coilover sets, performance shocks, and stiffer sway bars as these will aid in keeping your Bronco stable during higher-speed cornering which will increase your cornering speeds.

To further enhance your on-road driving experience, consider complementing it with a slight lowering kit. Adaptive suspension can sometimes enable you to make your Ford Bronco faster both on and off-road, but a jack of all trades is a master of none.

Therefore, you should think about what you are trying to achieve in regard to your driving environment before doing stuff such as lowering kits.

How To Make My Bronco Lighter?

You should start by buying a 7-speed 2-door Bronco and removing its removable body panels such as the doors and the roof as this is going to lower the weight of your Bronco without needing to pay anything.

You can also remove additional seats if you don’t need them or you can remove sound dampening or install lighter wheels and other unnecessarily heavy components.

Lightweight exhaust systems, forged aluminum driveshafts, lots of carbon fiber, and fewer options from the factory can all contribute to making your Bronco lighter/faster.

Which Tires Are Best for Making the Bronco Faster?

Performance tires are designed to make your Ford Bronco faster both in a straight line and through corners.

These tires will give you more traction and thus will lower your overall acceleration times and braking distances. They also have a much higher traction ceiling through corners which means that you will be able to go faster without experiencing understeer/oversteer.

Take into account the speed rating of the tires, tire pressure, reinforced construction, the width of the tire, and its aspect ratio.