How Do You Remove a Bronco Roof Rail?

Jul 31, 2023

How Do You Remove a Bronco Roof Rail?

The Ford Bronco is one of the most popular SUVs on the market as it screams off-roading, utility, and adventure. One thing that seems to be particularly popular with buyers is the ability to pack pretty much anything with the Bronco and use it as a transportation device for all of your gear.

To do so effectively, you should take advantage of Ford Bronco roof rail cargo racks which allow you to carry stuff such as kayaks, luggage, bicycles, surfboards, etc. However, if you want to change your setup or simply replace your rails, you will need to remove your roof fails. So, how do you remove a Bronco Roof rail?

How Do You Remove a Bronco Roof Rail?

To remove your Ford Bronco roof rails, you’ll first need to gather all the tools and proceed to locate your roof rail mounting points which are located at the front and the rear of your rails

The best thing would be to take a power tool and remove the four T30 screws that hold the rails at the front and remove both protective covers. Under the covers, you’ll find two more T30 screws.

Then go ahead and remove the triangle screw that is going to allow you to release two more T30 screws at the rear left and right rail.

When all is done, all you need to do is slowly wiggle the rails out of place and store them in a safe and secure location.

How Do You Remove a Bronco Roof Rail? - Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide

  • Gather all the Right Tools
  • Remove the Screws at the Front and Remove Front Protective Panels
  • Remove the Special Triangle Screw/T30 Screws at the Rear

Which Tools Do I Need to Remove a Bronco Roof Rail?

Well, the main tool you want to have is a power tool as that is going to allow you to take off the rails in no time.

If you don’t have a power tool, be sure to locate your Bronco tool kit as it contains the special triangle tool and everything else you need to take the roof off, including the roof rails. It’s much easier to do this with a power tool, but

a power tool is not a necessity.

How to Remove Bronco Front Roof Rail Screws?

The next step would be to take a power drill/T30 screwdriver and remove the four T30 screws (two on each side) located on each of the two roof rail front sides.

This will allow you to remove the front protective covers by gently pushing them forward. Underneath those two covers, you’ll find two more T30 screws (one on each side) which you also need to remove and store in a safe location where they can’t get lost.

How to Remove Bronco Rear Roof Rail Triangle Screws?

Your Ford Bronco SUV comes with a special toolkit that includes a special triangle screwdriver.

You are going to use that screwdriver to remove the two triangle screws (one at each side) that are holding the protective cover.

How to Remove Bronco Rear Roof Rail Screws?

After taking off the special triangle screw, you’ll have to first remove the two T30 screws holding the top protective rear roof rail panel in place (one on each side).

After doing that, you’ll also need to remove the remaining two T30 screws that are holding your rails in place. After you take all of these off, you should gently wiggle your rails and they should come out fairly easily.

How Hard Is It to Take the Roof Rails of a Ford Bronco?

Well, not really, but you should at least have the included Ford Bronco tool kit that comes with the car because of the special triangle screw tool as this tool is essential for taking both the rails or your hardtop roof off.

If you’ve never done anything like this, it would be a good idea to watch a few videos before you try and take it off. All in all, removing Ford Bronco roof rails is not difficult at all.

Are Ford Bronco Factory Roof Rails Worth It?

The two roof rails that come with the Ford Bronco from the factory should be enough for most people.

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