How Do You Take a Roof off a New Bronco?

Aug 14, 2023

How Do You Take a Roof off a New Bronco?

The new Ford Bronco is a certified adventure mobile which means that it can be used to fulfill various purposes. Whether you are after a solid off-road, a family SUV, or just a cool car, the Bronco can do it all, but what if you want to use it as a convertible?

Even though convertible SUVs are somewhat of a strange concept, the mighty Bronco allows you to take its roof off and essentially use it like a convertible. So, how do you take a roof of a new Bronco?

How Do You Take a Roof off a New Bronco?

First of all, you’ll need to remove the roof rack/rail if you have one and then proceed to remove the two front roof panels, starting with the driver’s side. Be sure to unlatch the driver’s side head panel and unlock the three L-shaped locks by turning them.

Do the same for the passenger’s side roof panel and gently take them both off. You will have to do the same for the center panel, unlatch the panel on both the driver’s and passenger’s sides and turn the L-shaped locks.

Lastly, to remove the rear panel, open the tailgate, lift open the window, and locate the washer hose and wire harness. Disconnect them both and plug them in their spots located on the inside of the trunk area.

Open the rear doors and remove the four screws on each side that secure the base of the roof panel. Now it’s time to remove the panel and place it on a soft surface with the tailgate open to prevent any damage.

Is it Easy to Remove Ford Bronco Roof?

Removing the Ford Bronco roof may seem a bit difficult and time-consuming at first, but if you follow all of the tips correctly, you should be able to successfully remove it without too many issues.

It’s very important to follow the plan by removing the front two panels first. Unlatching the panels is always the first step while unlocking the three L-shaped locks is the second step.

When you have the front two panels off completely, then you should proceed to the middle panel and finish it all off with the rear panel.

You don’t have to be a skilled mechanic or a fitness enthusiast to be able to do this. The panels are not heavy and there are only four screws (on each side) that actually need unscrewing, everything else is pushing latches and locks.

How to Store Ford Bronco Roof?

When it comes to storing the roof of the new Bronco, Ford actually provides you with a bag that is designed to hold the front two panels.

To use the bag, you’ll have to first clean the driver’s roof panel carefully and slide it onto the bottom end of the bag. Then proceed to clean the passenger side roof panel, add the fabric divider, and slide the passenger side roof panel on top of the first one.

Another cool thing to keep in mind is that Ford actually recommends how you should fasten the bag within your trunk area by latching it onto the two latches located at the bottom of the second row of seats and tying the security strap underneath the rear passenger headrests.

The downside is that Ford does not give any bags to store the mid panel and the rear roof panel as both of these should be placed somewhere indoors and stored on a soft surface.

Can you Take the Roof of a New Bronco Sport?

Technically, you can, but you should never attempt to remove the roof of the Bronco Sport. Ford designed the Bronco Sport to me more of a sporty, everyday, daily driver family SUV while the big Bronco is leaning more toward the off-road side of things.

Therefore, the Bronco Sport isn’t designed with a removable roof in mind which means that removing its roof could cause serious problems to its structural rigidity. This means that removing the roof of the Bronco Sport can be dangerous and most likely uninsurable.