What size tires fit 2022 Bronco?

Oct 20, 2023

What size tires fit 2022 Bronco?

What Size Tires Fit 2022 Bronco?

The new Ford Bronco is an SUV that can do it all. It is an incredible off-roader SUV with lots of space, new technology, a few different engine and transmission choices, and as many as seven different trim levels. In addition to that, you can also get it in its Bronco Sport guise if you want a more dailyable, more commuter-friendly family SUV.

For those interested in the off-roading side of things, the Bronco is also able to accommodate various tire sizes, but there are some limitations one ought to take into account. So, what size tires fit 2022 Bronco?

What Size Tires Fit 2022 Bronco?

For a stock 2022 Ford Bronco, the maximum tire size that can be fitted without modifications primarily depends on the trim level.

Base, Big Bend, and Outer Banks trims can generally accommodate up to 265/70R17 without issues while some also believe that 275/70R17 tires can also do.

Black Diamond and Badlands can potentially fit up to 285/70R17, though off-roading might cause some rubbing, so be sure to take that into account.

Broncos with the Sasquatch Package, including the Wildtrak and First Edition, are designed for 315/70R17 tires right from the factory. Going any bigger than without doing serious mods could be a bit of an overkill, if even possible in the first place.

Either way, actual fit can vary based on tire brand, tread design, and wheel offset. It's advisable to consult with tire specialists or Bronco forums for specific recommendations.

Which Size Tires Come with the Bronco?

Trim/PackageTire Size
Base (Standard)255/70R16
Big Bend (Standard) 255/70R16
Outer Banks (Standard)255/70R16
Black Diamond (Standard) 265/70R17
Badlands (Standard) 265/70R17
Outer Banks (Optional)275/65R18
Badlands (Sasquatch Package) 315/70R17
Wildtrak 315/70R17
First Edition315/70R17

Benefits of Larger Tires on a Bronco

  • Improved Ground Clearance
  • Better Off-Road Traction
  • Looks
  • Better Floatation on Softer Surfaces

Do Larger Tires Improve Ground Clearance?

Larger tires can significantly elevate a Bronco's ground clearance which is why most people decide to do that in the first place. This enhanced elevation makes it easier to traverse rough and uneven terrains, allowing the vehicle to clear obstacles like rocks, logs, or ruts more efficiently.

Increased ground clearance reduces the risk of undercarriage damage, especially since you also get better approach and departure angles and water-wading abilities.

Do Larger Tires Improve Off-Road Traction?

It primarily depends on the type of Bronco tires you go for. However, most larger Bronco tires have broader and more aggressive tread patterns. This can translate to improved traction, especially on loose surfaces like mud, sand, and snow.

The added surface area and aggressive tread dig into the terrain better than smaller tires, providing a firmer grip.

Do Larger Tires Improve Bronco Styling?

As they say - beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but most Bronco owners and enthusiasts tend to agree that the off-road ruggedness that comes with larger tires, does improve the looks of the Bronco a lot.

With larger tires, you get a better stance and the Bronco itself looks more purposeful and much larger than it actually is. This also gives you better visibility and makes you feel like you are driving a tank.

Do Larger Tires Improve Floatation of Softer Surfaces?

Larger tires, especially those that are wider and have a larger contact patch, do offer better flotation on soft terrains. This means that instead of sinking into surfaces like sand or mud, the tires distribute the vehicle's weight over a larger area, allowing the Bronco to "float" on top.

So, if you are often traversing soft surfaces and want to make your Bronco capable of plowing through deep snow, slush, or mud, larger and wider tires are the way to go.