What’s New on the 2024 Ford Bronco?

Jan 15, 2024

What’s New on the 2024 Ford Bronco?

The new Ford Bronco is an iconic SUV that traces its roots right to the very birth of the SUV in general. Back in the 1960s, SUVs weren’t what they were today as they were primarily designed for tactical purposes such as for the military or other humanitarian services.

Nowadays, virtually all car brands make SUVs, but only a few of them have a bloodline so rich with history like the Ford Bronco. With the turn of 2024, Ford decided to make a few tweaks to the 2024 Bronco lineup. So, what’s new on the 2024 Ford Bronco?

The 2024 Ford Bronco comes with several updates and enhancements, some of which were optional equipment by 2024 and are now standard while others are minor tweaks and improvements to make the Bronco even more competitive.

For starters, the entry-level model of the Ford Bronco has been discontinued. The Outer Banks model will be exclusively offered in a four-door variant. The Big Bend version is now standardized with a 2.3 L engine. Furthermore, if opting for the Badlands version equipped with the 2.3 L engine, it will solely be available with a manual transmission.

Key changes include refined exterior designs, advanced safety features, and an upgraded infotainment system which now sports a 12-inch touchscreen from standard. Ford has also come out with a new App called Bronco Trail which helps you explore new horizons with your Bronco.

Additionally, the Premium and the Deluxe packages have been combined while the connected navigation is now available for all, at least until 2027 when you’ll likely have to subscribe.

For the 2024 model year, the Ford Bronco has made some changes to its features across different versions. The Big Bend, Black Diamond, and Outer Banks models will not include the front axle disconnect feature. On the other hand, the Towing Prep Package will be a standard inclusion on all models except the Raptor version.

2023 Bronco vs 2024 Bronco

We can all agree that the changes for the 2024 Ford Bronco aren’t really that big to automatically motivate you to choose the 24 model over the 23 model.

If you can find a 2023 model lying around in a showroom, chances are that it’s going to be offered with a sizeable discount compared to the 2024 model, so it might be a steal. So, what if we were to compare the 2023 Bronco with the 2024 Bronco: Which is Better?

Well, the 2024 Ford Bronco is a slightly improved version of the Bronco. Ford took a good hard look at its Bronco lineup and probably figured it would be best to discontinue some items and have the Bronco have them from the factory (such as the 12-inch LCD touchscreen).

To keep it short, if you are able to find a cheaper 2023, it’s best to go for the 2023 model since it isn’t really that much different. However, if the price is the same and both are brand new, the 2024 Bronco is going to give you a bit more for your money.

When Is the Next Generation Ford Bronco Coming Out?

As it stands, the next all-new model of the Ford Bronco should start production by the end of 2028 and the beginning of 2029. This means that we are still a long way out on that front.

However, when that does happen, Ford is likely going to give the next-gen Bronco a complete overhaul which means that you can expect an EV Bronco, a hybrid Bronco, or whatever becomes popular by then.

With all of this in mind, we can easily say the current Bronco is likely to stick with us for a better part of a decade.