Do All Ford Broncos Have Removable Tops?

Jan 23, 2023

Do All Ford Broncos Have Removable Tops?

The new Ford Bronco represents a blend between the past and the future in a way that it retains everything that made the original Bronco so popular, but with the added convenience of modern-day technology. Features such as a removable top, removable doors, off-road prowess, and iconic looks are, among many other things, what make the Bronco so special.Ford did its homework while developing the new Bronco because it truly did listen to the Bronco community and tried to include various quirks and features in order to elevate the experience of owning one. So, do all Ford Broncos have removable tops?

Do All Ford Broncos Have Removable Tops?

Yes, they do, but there are some differences. The 2-door Broncos come with removable hard-top roofs while all 4-door Broncos come with a retractable soft-top. If you want a hard-top on a 4-door Bronco or a soft-top on a 2-door Bronco, you must go through the optional equipment route.

It is said that these can add a long time to your estimated delivery times which is why you should consider our high-quality aftermarket 4-door Bronco top options. Also, if you want the same treatment for your 2-door Bronco, be sure to shop our list of high-quality aftermarket 2-door Bronco top options.

Ford Bronco Soft Top VS Hard Top: Pros and Cons

Ford Bronco Soft Top - Pros

  • Weight - Having a soft top does save you a bit of weight over the hardtop model, but the savings aren’t as substantial as one would think. Even so, these slight weight differences do play a role because the weight of the roof is crucial when it comes to the center of gravity and partly your fuel efficiency.
  • Convenience - Likely the main benefit of a soft-top is that it is much easier to live with as you never have to remove it altogether. A soft–top can easily be retracted and kept in the car without taking up too much space.
  • Price - If you were to shop for a soft-top Bronco now, you are likely going to pay a few hundred dollars less compared to a hard-top roof Bronco. Also, if you want to buy a soft-top separately, you will have to pay around $2,000 compared to the $2,500 for the hard-top.

Ford Bronco Soft Tops - Cons

  • Durability - Understandably, a soft-top roof isn’t going to be as durable or as long-lasting as a hard–top roof. The soft nature of a soft-top increases the chances of having it torn, cut, or damaged by adverse weather.
  • Road Noise - Soft-top roofs tend to be noisier because they don’t use as many sound-deadening materials in their construction. These differences can most easily be noticed at highway speeds.
  • Security - Soft-tops are much easier to pry loose compared to a hard-top as they use softer materials and aren’t bolted onto the car in the same manner.

Ford Bronco Hard Tops - Pros

  • Better Climate Control - Because hard-tops are better sound insulated, they are also better when it comes to maintaining a set temperature. This makes them a bit more comfortable during those scorching summer months or cold winter mornings.
  • Ruggedness - Hard-tops are usually more rugged which means that they are going to keep you more secure and are going to be safer in an event of a rollover.
  • Cleaning - As hard-top panels tend to be more uniform and geometrical, it is much easier to clean them. Furthermore, hard-tops typically don’t require any special cleaning products.

Ford Bronco Hard Tops - Cons

  • Installation - Taking a hard-top on and off takes longer, isn’t as easy, and tends to require more precision. This means that those with hard-top roofs aren’t prone to taking them off as often.
  • Attractiveness - Most convertible fans prefer the looks of a soft-top compared to a hard-top because they make more sense for those who actually do prefer convertibles in general.
  • Practicality - A removable hard-top can’t be as neatly stored as a soft-top which means that you sometimes won’t be able to take the roof off if you don’t have a place to store it.

Is It Quicker To Buy A Soft-Top Bronco Or A Hard-Top Bronco?

Due to certain hard-top quality issues, Ford Bronco hard-top models tend to take a lot longer to make and eventually deliver compared to a soft-top Bronco. As such, if you want to get the Bronco as soon as possible, you are better off going with a soft-top model.