How Many Broncos is Ford Making?

Jan 16, 2023

How Many Broncos is Ford Making?

When the Ford Bronco was revealed, many people flocked to Ford dealerships in order to put down a deposit for one. It was immediately obvious that the demand for the Bronco severely outweighed the supply, especially because the supply itself was rather crippled by production delays caused by quality control, supply chain, and covid-related issues.

The Bronco itself isn’t a limited edition model which means that Ford didn’t cap the production to a specific number, at least not publically. This poses the question, how many Broncos is Ford making?

How Many Broncos is Ford Making?

The first Ford Bronco model year was the 2020 model, and it is likely that Ford will keep churning out the current Bronco for at least until 2026. We might see revised/additional models (Bronco pickup/EV) for the 2025-2027 model and it is estimated that the new Bronco is going out of production sometime in 2029.

As far as the sheer numbers are concerned, back in 2021 when the Bronco came to the market, Ford managed to sell 35,000 of these in the US while in 2022 sales skyrocketed to almost 120,000 units. All in all, we can rightfully expect Ford to sell more than 500,000 Bronco models until 2029 if everything goes according to plan.

What Affects Total Ford Bronco Production Numbers?

  • The Demand
  • Predetermined Model Years
  • Production Delays
  • Market Trends

How Does Demand Affect The Total Production Number Of The New Ford Bronco?

As mentioned in the introduction, the total demand for the new Bronco is much higher than the actual supply. This means that Ford made various production adjustments in order to cope with the increased demand and eventually churn out more Broncos yearly than what was initially planned.

Interest rates, disposable incomes, inflation, and other economic factors play a great role in determining the total production number, but the hype is what made the Bronco so popular. Hype is not something you can determine or predict which is why Ford is trying its best to make as many Broncos as possible.

What Is The Predetermined Number Of Total Ford Bronco Model Years?

Ford didn’t offer official estimates as to how many Ford Bronco models are eventually going to be made because that can artificially alter the demand as many people would very much like the Bronco to stay as limited as possible. We can expect the supply to eventually catch up with the demand which is going to devalue all Bronco models on the market.

We can estimate, to a degree, that Ford is planning to make upwards of half a million of these, but nothing can be said for certain.

How Do Production Delays Affect The Total Number Of Ford Broncos?

Production delays affect the total number in two different ways. First of all, people aren’t particularly thrilled to find out that the wait times for the new Bronco are exhaustingly long which can very easily demotivate many prospective customers from even considering the Bronco.

Secondly, production delays tend to unintentionally cap the total number of Ford Broncos made every year which means that these are sure to take out a big piece of the pie.

How Do Market Trends Affect The Total Number Of Ford Broncos?

In the last few years, we’ve seen a number of new trends in the automotive industry which have reshaped our core beliefs of what a car is supposed to be. The move toward rapid development of electric cars was motivated by stark increases in EV demand which means that many people who used to be interested in gasoline/hybrid cars are now into EVs.

Another trend is autonomous driving which has become a necessity for many people. This means that those who want a Ford Bronco, but also want an EV/advanced autonomy will have to make a choice that is going to affect the demand for the Bronco, at least until Ford comes out with an electric Bronco/upgrades the autonomous driving tech.

Is The Demand For The New Bronco Going To Slow Down?

In 2023, the Ford Bronco is not a particularly fresh car which means that it is understandable that the demand for the Bronco is slowing down, but is that truly the case? The demand for the Bronco is still immensely high as Ford even stopped taking deposits for the 2023 model because they couldn’t keep up.

We can expect the demand for the new Bronco to stay as intense as it has been, especially in 2023, maybe even for a lot longer.